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The Agenda & Speakers

20th September

09:00 AM

Clarifying a community business through design.

Ruth Rogers is the founder and owner of profit-with-purpose community space and vegan cafe The Canvas, just off Brick Lane in East London. Having built the social enterprise from scratch, opening in 2014, she realised that her business was evolving & developing without the infrastructure and design to support the mission she was trying to achieve. The pandemic afforded her an opportunity to completely revisit the brand and its spaces. Working alongside designer Alex Traska from branding agency Makermet Creative, a solution was developed that not only transformed the The Canvas as a physical space, but crucially, communicate it’s mission: to be a space for hope and a basecamp for change.


Ruth Rogers

Founder, CEO

The Canvas

Alex Traska


Makermet Creative

5:00 PM

Capturing Culture: Creating a workplace people will love to return to

Using branding, art and graphics to transform spaces and create spaces better than home.


Dan Moscrop

CEO, Founder


21st September

8:30 AM

Yoga in the Workplace

In this yoga class I will take you through a number of breathing exercises and postures to activate your inner energy. After the session you will be ready to start your day with motivation and clarity in your mind. Your body will feel refreshed and your mind will be relaxed. Our breathing and stretching exercises will improve the detox process in your body and your brain chemistry will be boosted, helping you to feel emotionally stronger and happier. Your entire attitude will improve after the practice, your productivity levels will be increased and your stress will be alleviated. Come along and join other designers and become a part of our yoga community.


Vika Didveliene

Satkara Yoga

1:00 PM

Realising Relationship Buildings - ideas that will make the new workplace come to life.

We need to stop talking about office buildings and start talking about Relationship Buildings®. Covid19 has fractured how we work globally, at scale. And the combination of our new priorities, fresh insights and lessons learned during the pandemic are likely to result in the workplace changing more dramatically than it has ever done in our careers to date. Relationship Buildings® is our guide to navigating, interpreting and re-imagining the changing landscape of the workplace.


Nathan Hurley

Research & Insight Manager


Luke Palmer

Principal Designer


22nd September

08:30 AM

Happy Hormones; what they are, what they do & how we can boost them!

In this session we will look at these four wonder chemicals, what they are, what they do and how we can get them flowing naturally. We will also be looking at, and sharing tips, tricks and life hacks on things to consider to help us to build our own resilience tool kits, how to stay energised, focussed, and how to nourish, thrive and expand!


John Walters


Questae Collective

1:00 PM

The Future of Vinyl Flooring - New innovations on the journey to circularity

The Future of Vinyl Flooring’ explores the latest innovations and changes in the vinyl flooring industry and discusses how vinyl flooring is adapting to higher demands on efficiency and sustainability. Focusing on new constructions, as well as innovations in installation technology, the CPD will highlight how a new generation of vinyl flooring products can support the construction industry's move towards recycling and circularity, while improving the wellbeing of people throughout use. ‘The Future of Vinyl Flooring’ will make architects, interior designers, and other specifiers see vinyl flooring in a new light. Through knowledge of innovations that allow the specification of solutions, which are more efficient to install and that come with improved benefits to the end user, it will inspire and teach them to specify floors that are easier to uplift and recycle.


Mark Wilson

Sales and Product Training Manager

IVC Commercial

5:00 PM

Net-Zero Interiors – an essential approach to design

As part of their Net-Zero: Now pledge, Perkins&Will has committed to providing a net-zero embodied carbon or circular design strategy at RIBA Stage 2 for all new projects. Asif will talk through the process of conducting a life cycle analysis for a project using circular economy principles, touching on lessons learnt so far and common themes that have emerged. He will show why this is an essential approach for interior designers to adopt in our journey to delivering the 2050 carbon targets.


Asif Din

Sustainability Director


23rd September

1:00 PM

Battery technology and mobility in the new adaptive workspace

In the constantly changing workspace, mobility, choice and agility have become increasingly important for its occupants. Following a Mixology 2021 shortlisted design collaboration, BACHMANN’s James Peckitt and Nook Pod’s David O’Coimin discuss how integrating advanced battery technology can increase flexibility, diversity and productivity in the workplace.


James Peckitt

UK Country Manager


David O'Coimin

Founder & CEO

Nook Pods

5:00 PM

Designing for the future of work

The pandemic has highlighted an inconvenient truth about the modern workplace: it was never that great to begin with. The past 18 months has given us the largest remote working experiment in history and provided the working world with a newfound ability to choose how and where to work. Moving forward, going into an office will now be a conscious choice. How do we build back better workspaces that adapt to a hybrid world, make room for personal choice and motivate the modern workforce? In this session, learn how thoughtful adaptive design can transform a traditional floor plan into a healthy and more dynamic workspace, designed to offer choice and autonomy. One that boosts productivity, increases employee satisfaction and inspires better work. With a focus on flexibility and purpose-built design, workspace strategist and designer Alejandra Albarran will explore the possibilities of a modular workspace that adapts to the needs of an ever-changing future alongside acclaimed architect Michel Rojkind


Alejandra Albarran

VP, Workplace Strategy & Design


Michel Rojkind

Founding Partner

Rojkind Arquitectos

24th September

08:30 AM

Creating a workplace experience for the future

The concept of the workplace experience is changing. Companies are now seeing the value of the workplace and building a strategy that embodies their vision for people, place and technology across their portfolios. With the focus on the workplace of the future and a hybrid solution, we explore the recipe to building a successful strategy that delivers workplace excellence encompassing design, technology and experience.


Maud Santamaria

Workplace Experience Director


1:00 PM

The what, why and how of acoustics.

Jargon-busting look at acoustics, why they matter and how interior designers need to design for the ears as well as the eyes together with a look at some of the innovative acoustic solutions currently available. Speaker name(s) & job title:


Morgan Doouss

Managing Director


Chris Michaeloudis

Head of Marketing


Chris Farmer

Project Consultant


3:00 PM

Busting the 9-5: Making the workplace a place-maker.

The remote debate will go on, but now more than ever the workplace needs to be a place maker. Where we go to work is so important to careers and developing thriving lives and relationships. Lee Penson explores the value the workplace has that isn’t directly relevant to work and looks at why PENSON have never called it ‘just an office’. Lee also reveals how PENSON’s design is busting the everyday 9-5 and reinvigorating people’s lives with the unexpected.


Lee Penson

Founder, CEO




Media Partners

We made several new contacts and were introduced to some innovative new brands. We’d certainly attend another VI Event as it enabled us to cover such a lot of ground in a short space of time – please keep us posted!

Fiona Edwards

JPA Workspaces

The Virtual Interiors Event really was a breath of fresh air. I made some excellent new contacts — Looking forward to the next one!

­Jacqui Smith


Thanks for having us as part of the line - up. It was brilliant to have so much engagement with the audience throughout the session and beyond. You should be very proud of yourselves for a great event!

Rosie Haslam

(Formerly) Spacelab

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